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At Sky River RV we always work to bring you the best that the RV world has to offer. That's why we're so excited to announce that we are welcoming Venture RV to the Sky River family.
When looking at prices of RV's many enthusiasts are shocked by the MSRP values posted on many RVs. What most people don't realize is that there are low monthly payment options available to qualified buyers that allow you to get your family camping today without a huge upfront cost. The RV's below represent some of the options available to those looking for a quality RV for a low monthly payment.
Shopping for a new RV can be a lot more complicated than you first realized. The industry has exploded with options of brands and styles of RVs. There are toy haulers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and Class A and C motorhomes as well as tons of different brands each with their own advantages. Here are the Top 10 RV manufacturers that you need to know about.
Let's be honest, millennials have caught a lot of slack from people. Their generation is stereotyped as being lazy, unmotivated, and having a sense of entitlement. But, that's because the media attention has been on the wrong group of millennials. While there are some millennials living in their parents' basements and working at Starbucks with loads of student debt, there are also plenty that are paving their own path. 
Have you been looking to enhance your family’s travel experience, but haven’t known where to start with an affordable option that will accommodate everyone? Well, the K-Z Escape is the answer you have been looking for. This travel trailer comes in multiple layouts so there is something to fit what you need whether you are trying to sleep your large family or simply want to get away with your toys for an adventure.
Good news! If you have been dreaming of the day you could purchase an RV, but just haven't been able to afford one yet, we have a solution. Sky River RV now has late model, pre-owned Coachmen Class C RVs on our lots. This can be a chance to turn your RV travel dreams into reality, while saving thousands of dollars.

Camping has changed over the years. What started as a simple tent, sleeping bag, and fire has transformed into luxury vacations. Now instead of camping some people prefer to go “glamping”, which is a combination of glamour and camping. We are looking to add little pieces of luxury into our camping vacations anyway we can. The same is true with RV travel. Traveling with an RV may have started off with convenience and comfort, but it has transformed into so much more. There are even plenty of people choosing to be full-time RVers, even in the prime of their life with small children, instead of waiting for retirement. Whether you are looking to buy, or looking for fun, these are 5 luxury RVs you just have to see.

Airstream Travel Trailer Tommy Bahama Edition


People have been asking, and Sky River RV has delivered. The trend in RV travel has moved to Ultralight Travel Trailers, and we have been working to bring you an option that meets the high standard that we hold at our dealership. But, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived. Ultralight Travel Trailers are now available to purchase.

This growing RV trend is one that many people are excited about and there is a lot of reasons why.

What is an Ultralight Travel Trailer?

Ultralight travel trailers are becoming popular because they are lighter and more affordable than a traditional RV. In the past people wanting to travel with a camper were forced to purchase, rent, or borrow a vehicle that was able to pull it, which was usually a larger truck. The light weight of this travel trailer allows it to be pulled by vans, SUVs and other vehicles that would not be [...]

RV motorhome for sale winnebagoAre you looking for a bargain? A lot of RV for the least amount of money? Are you ready to go out on the road but not ready to leave behind the comforts of home?

Let us introduce to you the BEST DEAL on our lot… the 2016 Winnebago Cambria. These are the last 2016 RVs on our lot and we want them OFF the lot… our loss can be your gain!

Cambria is a Super C

RV motorhome for sale IMG_9317The Winnebago Cambria has more great features than you could imagine would fit in 29 feet… but they do!

Cambria Features

Let’s start on the outside… the amazing list of features starts [...]

Cougar RV for sale at Sky River RV in CaliforniaSky River RV has been in business on the Central Coast for thirty years. We carry many different brands, sizes and types of RVs… the best in class at each price level. Selling RV’s at Sky River requires that every sales person learn about each manufacturer’s offerings.

Every now and then a manufacturer’s representative visits to educate us on their particular product. This week, a representative from Keystone RV came to tell us all about Cougar travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Here is what we learned…

History and Numbers
Keystone has been in business since 1996. They manufacture 50,000 trailers per year, 12,000 of which are Cougars. Cougars are manufactured in three locations, one of which is in Oregon. That’s good news for us and our customers, because transportation costs are less for trailers that don’t have to [...]

    PASO ROBLES  | 805.226.9292
    2525 Theatre Drive
    Paso Robles, CA 93446

    In Beautiful Wine Country, a short drive from Bakersfield and Fresno.

    PISMO BEACH | 805.779.7700
    444 So. Dolliver
    Pismo Beach, CA 93449

    With all of its RV parks and famous Sand Dunes and Beaches.

    ATASCADERO | 805.462.2164
    1200 El Camino Real
    Atascadero, CA 93422

    Halfway point between Los Angeles and San Francisco and right off the 101.

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