Sway Bars: Everything You Need To Know

There’s a lot more to an RV than layouts, luxury features, and the comforts of home. These might be the things that you think about first when you think of an RV, but they aren’t the only things you should consider when purchasing one. Remember, your RV isn’t just a home away from home. It’s a vehicle. And, that means you also need to think about all those things that impact how the RV drives.

Meet the sway bar

Have you ever been in your car, taken a corner too fast, and felt the tilt that came as a result? That’s what a sway bar helps you avoid in your RV.

It’s a type of spring that works as a part of the suspension in the RV. And, most vehicles have them now as well. It’s a simple piece of metal that runs from one wheel to the other across the vehicle.

What does a sway bar do?

The sway bar is working to keep your vehicle stabilized and level as you drive. Imagine that you’re driving on the curvy road that leads up a beautiful mountain. The view is stunning and with each curve you take, it seems that you get a better and better view. This drive could be highly enjoyable or it could become a little scary.

As you take each curve the weight of your RV shifts to the outside of the turn. That’s obviously not what you want if you want to keep all of your RV tires on the road and not tip over the side of the mountain. Your suspension works against that tilt. The sway bar, running from one side to the other, is working to redistribute that weight and keep all tires on the ground and your vehicle level.

Now, they aren’t just for keeping you from tipping while you turn. When you have a larger vehicle that’s more susceptible to catching wind, like a motorhome, it will help you keep your vehicle driving straight down the road.

Simply put, sway bars help you to have a better ride and stay safer.

Do I need a sway bar?

Depending on the size and type of RV that you have, it probably came with a sway bar. However, there are times when RVs have sway bars only on the front tires and it can be beneficial for you to add one on the back as well. Or, if your RV is not brand new, you might need to put on a new sway bar.

If you want to have it checked on your current RV, it’s best to take it to an experienced RV mechanic. And, if you’re buying a new RV, you’re going to want to ask what the model has in place for sway protection.

If you hear any type of clunking or rattling from under your RV, get it checked out. It could be from your suspension which can lead to difficulty driving. Or, if you feel you could use a little less sway when you’re driving, talk to a mechanic about your options.

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