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RV Tech Trends in 2019

People tend to link RVing with camping. They think that if you go camping or RVing it means you’re trying to disconnect or get out in nature. And, while that might be true for some people, RVing definitely doesn’t mean you need to disconnect. In fact, there are a lot of new technology options hitting the RV market that’s making it easier than ever to hit the road.

Solar Panels

There is a lot of interest in the use of solar panels for RVs. When you can tap into solar power you don’t have to use a generator with your RV. This is not only a better RVing experience for you but it’s also better for the environment. You don’t have to worry about the noise of your RV generator or being in danger from carbon monoxide.

Purchasing and installing solar panels can be costly, but you’ll make your money back in the long run. You won’t have to continue to purchase propane for your generator. And, if you like to boondock you will see the benefit of the panels even faster.

The Airstream Basecamp is an example of a small RV that packs a big punch. It has two couches, a comfortable bed, extra corner storage nets, and two solar panels on the roof. It’s a great lightweight camper for boondocking.


Better Internet Connection

The ability to have a good internet connection is crucial for some RVers like those that work on the road, travel full-time, or just don’t want to go without being connected while they are traveling. However, RVs have often made it difficult for wifi connections to work. Thus the free wifi you had access to at the park was pointless to you if you were located in the RV. Here are the tools that can help you out:

  1. Mobile hotspots – The common brand names that you might recognize include MiFi, Air Card, and Jetpack. These are modems that work like your smartphone hotspot, but don’t have all the features of a smartphone
  2.  Boosters and antennas – You can increase your data speed and improve your connection. It works by boosting weak signals.
  3. Mobile router – Mobile routers allow your devices to always connect to the same network regardless of where the internet connection is coming from. It also allows you to run it off 12V power or 110 which is a benefit when boondocking.

Most newer model RVs come with the option to have USB ports in the wall similar to electrical outlets. This makes keeping our devices charged and connected a lot easier.

Helium Technology

Keystone RV has come up with a patented design and process that reduces the overall weight of their RVs by as much as 2,500 lbs. And, they are able to do it while still keeping the integrity of the design, strength, and features. This makes it easier for you to haul the RV with a smaller tow vehicle and reduce the amount of wear and tear that your two vehicle experiences.

New Battery Options

If you want to convert to using solar panels you will definitely need to update your battery, but even if not new battery technology may be for you and your RV. These batteries are high-end lithium. They require less maintenance, last longer, can handle temperature better, and have a more efficient charge.

Midwest Automotive has even included lithium-ion batteries in their Passage B Van.


More To Come

When it comes to RV technology the trend is sure to continue growing. As more people take jobs working remotely it expands the number of people that are able to switch to full-time RVing. And, as more and more of our lives become dependent on being connected to the internet there will continue to be new options available for RVers. If you are interested in learning which RV models will be the best fit for you and allow you the best ability to stay connected contact us today!

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