Ready to Take Your Life on the Road? Why Camper Vans are Becoming So Popular

Wanderlust is a term that has seemed to take over our nation over the past few years. This desire to travel and see what the country has to offer has led many people, of all ages, to take to RVing. With this rise in RVing interest, camper vans have been a rising trend as well. If you’re new to the RVing world, you may wonder what people see in this type of an RV and why so many people are choosing this lifestyle over a traditional one including buying a home. Well, the truth is, there are a lot of things that are attracting people to these Class B RVs.

What are camper vans?

Camper vans are also known as Class B RVs. They are exactly what they sound like. While they resemble a van from the outside, from the inside they provide you with the comforts of a camper.

There are some people that go the route of custom designing their own camper van DIY style, but there are plenty of Class B RVs that you can buy as well. Some provide you with a simple place to sleep comfortably and others provide you with everything you need including a kitchen and bathroom.

Some people use their camper vans for the occasional weekend away and others use it to enjoy life on the road as a full-time RVer.


A couple of popular options include:

While camper vans may be significantly smaller than Class A RVs, there are still models that pack a big punch

Midwest Automotive Designs Weekender

The Weekender has all the comfort that you could want while on the road. You have plenty of room during the day and then the couch turns into the bed at night. There is a bathroom and full kitchen including an induction cooktop that both cools down and heats up fast.

2019 Erwin Hymer Aktiv

This Camper Van not only includes a bathroom and kitchen, but the bed in the back folds up to allow for room for you to bring your bikes along with you. And, there is a tent bed that pops out of the roof to provide for additional sleeping.


Why are they so popular?

Camper vans are not a new idea, but they are one of the big trends right now in the RV world and there are several reasons for this including:

They are easier to drive

Camper vans are built on van chassis. They are much easier to drive than full-size motorhomes or trying to tow a travel trailer or fifth wheel. There are even some models that have four-wheel drive making them easier to drive when you want to go off-grid.

They get better gas mileage

If you want to be living and enjoying life on the road it’s a huge advantage to save money on gas. Because camper vans are smaller and lighter, you get better gas mileage which helps to keep your travel costs down.

Millennials aren’t waiting until retirement

The stereotype used to be that more retired couples owned RVs as they enjoyed traveling the country once they were done working. However, millennials have decided to do things there own way. Instead of waiting to enjoy the retirement life after putting in years of working, they are trading in the traditional “American dream” for a new one. They aren’t looking for a big home in the suburbs, they want to enjoy life and have an adventure, which has led many to travel and live in a camper van.

They are more affordable

Depending on the RV that you purchase, there are Class B RVs that provide you with nice features at a price that is more affordable than Class A RVs. However, make sure you have a budget in mind when looking for your camper van because there are still some very luxurious options on the market.

They make city camping easier

Camping is no longer just about getting away in nature. There are plenty of people that want to enjoy traveling in the city and camper vans make it easy to give city or urban camping a try. There are models that you can use solar panels with making it easier to boondock whether you’re in the desert or smack dab in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.

More people are working remotely

Work has changed the way it looks for many over the course of the last decade or so. Many companies are allowing their companies to work remotely and there are plenty of people that have decided to leave their 9-5 in order to do freelance work. This allows more people to control their own destiny as far as where they get to live and spend their time. When you can work from anywhere that you have access to the internet, pretty much the entire world is open to you. So, why have a house in a set location when you can travel around to see it all?

Camper vans are an easy way to get started

If you have been thinking about buying an RV but aren’t really sure it’s for you, a camper van can be a good way to test the waters and get started. They are easier to drive, easier to park, and smaller so it’s easier to find a place to keep it when you’re not using it.

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