Did You Know Buying an RV Can Save Your Family Money Every Year?

There are many different reasons why people decide to purchase an RV. For some, it’s about making camping easier and for others, it’s about having more convenience while they travel the country. However, a study by CBRE Hotels Advisory Group found that there’s another reason why families should consider buying an RV—they can save money on vacations.


RV travel is the cheapest travel option for families

CBRE ran the numbers and found out it’s true. A family can go on vacation in an RV for less money than they can any other vacation option. And, it’s not just families. The study compared numbers for both trips with two adults and trips with two adults and four children. All results showed that RV vacations lead to significant savings.


What numbers did they look at?

CBRE looked at numbers for a wide variety of vacation options. They pulled the numbers for nine different destinations that are popular among travelers. And they looked at a range of stay lengths including 3 days, one week, and two weeks. Then, they looked at numbers for every option from flying, renting a vehicle, flying then renting a vehicle and driving to the destination. They pulled pricing on lodging options as well as cooking.

Then, in order to compare, they looked at the cost of owning and traveling in an RV. Many people get stuck on the idea that the cost of owning an RV along with having to pay more for gas to get them to their destination over a car means they are going to spend more money in an RV. But, the numbers showed it wasn’t true.


The results

After looking at all the numbers, families would save money with any type of RV compared with other forms of travel. The biggest savings are with the smallest RVs, like folding camping trailers at a savings up to 64 percent. But, don’t think you have to purchase the smallest RV in order to save money. The study found that when comparing Class A RVs with luxury end vacation accommodations, families would still save around 41 percent.

Here’s another way to picture that. If you had a Class C RV, it would take a rise in gas prices up to $13 per gallon in order for a family of four to save money on a different vacation option of the same length at the same destination.

If you’ve been putting purchasing an RV off because of the money you would be spending on the RV, it’s time to start thinking about how much you will be saving in the long run. And, since you are saving on each vacation think how many more family vacations you will be able to get in before the kids are grown and out on their own.

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