Why the Keystone Montana is the Perfect RV for Your Winter Road Trip

The warm and relaxing days of summer are long behind us. Winter has moved in and with it the colder winds and rain. If you’re like many people you tend to connect camping and RVing with the months of summer. Many even decide to winterize their RVs and store them away during the winter months awaiting those glorious warmer days when they can pull them back out. But, do you have to live like this? Do you have to give up the fun of hitting the road in your RV just because the season has changed? Absolutely not!

It’s true not every RV is designed for you to take off and enjoy a trip once the weather starts to turn. Many manufacturers will offer an arctic package that will include additional options to make winter RVing possible. This includes things like better insulation and additional heating options to keep out the colder temps and let you stay warm while you’re inside. But, there are some RVs that are designed for you to enjoy all year long and in all types of climate.

So, if you want to vacation in your RV this winter or you’re looking to become a full-time RVer and need an RV that will work for you, look no further than the Keystone Montana.


One of the best winter RVs

The Keystone Montana is one of the best RVs that is known for holding up well in cold weather. This is a popular model for full-time RVers that don’t want to be limited to only staying where the weather is warm.

The Keystone company is based out of Goshen, Indiana. With an average high temperature of 31 degrees in January, Keystone has personal experience with cold climates. They know what cold feels like and what RV owners would be looking for when RVing during winter months. In fact, when Keystone was designing the Montana employees tested it over several weeks in below freezing temperatures. They wanted to make sure that the RV could stand up to the cold and elements that their clients might face when traveling throughout the country during winter months. The RV was tested inside of and outside of the facility to assure it would meet the needs of RVers everywhere.

Features that make it great for winter travel

The employees discovered that the Montana was truly a great RV to use all year round. Here are some of the features that make it so effective:

  • The roof, floors, walls, and windows are insulated to improve heat retention.
  • There is an auto-igniting 35k BTU furnace.
  • The attic system comes complete with full venting.
  • There is an insulated heating duct system.
  • The underbelly is insulated and heated.
  • There are built-in water lines to keep them from freezing.
  • The holding tanks and dump valves are insulated.
  • The tanks are electrically heated.
  • There is a free-flow 15,000 BUT air conditioning unit.
  • There is a dual thermostat that can be digitally controlled and monitored.


A little more about the Keystone Montana

But, don’t start to think that winter RVing is the only reason the Keystone Montana is a great RV. The model has actually been the #1 best-selling luxury fifth wheel for 16 consecutive years. Yes, you’ll stay warm in the winter, but you’ll love being inside of your RV as well because there are so many features for you to enjoy. Here are some of the things you can enjoy (based on the floorplan and options you select):

  • French door residential refrigerator with an ice maker
  • Kitchen island
  • Stone backsplashes
  • 50″ LED HD TV
  • Barn door to the bedroom
  • Queen bed with quilted headboard
  • Six drawers residential dresser
  • Modern decor options

Bottom line

If you are looking for an RV that will allow you to enjoy winter RVing or year-round RVing the Keystone Montana is a great fit. This RV doesn’t just hold up well against cold temperatures, it was designed to do just that. And, while you are tucked away inside escaping the cold temperatures outside you will be able to relax and enjoy the comforts and luxury of home. Come and see for yourself at Sky River RV.

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