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The Class B Motorhome Making Suburbans Obsolete

Suburbans use to be the go-to vehicle for families that wanted to travel in comfort. They gave each person the space they needed, allowed you to bring others along, and have room for all your gear too. Well, move over Suburban—the Class B Motorhome is taking your place!

What is a Class B Motorhome?

Class B is the smallest of the motorhome classes and it’s designed on the chassis of a van making it much easier to navigate and park than larger RVs. But, while you’ll feel like you’re driving nothing more than a full-size van, you’ll actually be driving around a small motorhome.
Class B Motorhomes such as the Midwest Automotive Designs Day Cruiser,  provide you with a toilet, refrigerator, microwave, foldout sofas, and even televisions. These motorhomes can take the hassle out of family outings and long drives.

Some situations are perfect for a Class B!


While you might not want to move your entire family into a Class B motorhome to become full-time RVers, there are plenty of situations when owning a Class B such as the Daycruiser Sprinter by Midwest Automotive Designs will benefit you.


Sporting events

If you have children that play travel league in a sport then you know how long the days and weekends can feel. Tournament days are split. Half your time is spent watching games. And then the rest is trying to find a place to sit and relax until the next game starts. Many times this results in spending extra money as you try to find a restaurant near the venue where you can kill some time or crashing under a pop-up tent to get some shade. But, if you have a Class B motorhome your group can head back inside where you have your own bathroom to use (instead of the same porta potty that everyone else is using). You’ll also have food that’s been kept cold in a refrigerator instead of a cooler full of ice. And you can even enjoy a comfortable place to sit and rest.

Day trips

There are so many incredible places on the west coast that you can enjoy plenty of day trips. Having a Class B motorhome makes taking a day trip a lot easier. You can travel in comfort and save money on food. And, if you decide that you want to stay a night before heading home you don’t have to splurge on a hotel. It also allows you to enjoy those places that don’t have the amenities that you might be looking for, such as a toilet, which can be a big deal when traveling with little ones.

Long trips

Have you always wanted to do a cross country drive to check out the east side of the country? Maybe hit Disney World, Music City, or anywhere in-between? If you’ve pushed yourself to drive 24 hours in a car before, you know how frustrating it can be. The constant bathroom breaks, waiting in line for food, and trying to get comfy in a reclined seat so you can catch a few hours of sleep before taking off again can make you not even want to set out on the road in the first place.

But, having a Class B to travel in can take those troubles away. You have food you brought that you can eat when you want, without having to wait in line. You have a bathroom your family can use that you know is clean. And, a fold out sofa to sleep on when you just can’t drive any further. With a Class B, there’s no reason to pay for a night at a hotel when you really only want to sleep for 4 or 5 hours and keep going.

If you are a family that likes to travel or finds yourself traveling a lot, a Class B motorhome might be right for you. They can make a lot more sense than sticking with the Suburban. And, you will want to check with your accountant first, but there are sometimes a motorhome can be written off as a second home. Ready to explore all the amazing things Class B Motorhomes have to offer? See our current inventory of Midwest automotive Designs here.

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