Awesome New RV Trends in 2019

Every year it seems that the world of RVing gets better and better. RVs have made a lot of progress over the years in designs and layouts that give each person or family what they’re looking for. 2019 is continuing the trend! Here are some of the 2019 trends in the RV world.


A kitchen of your dreams

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a house and now it can be in your RV as well. If you enjoy cooking and baking there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy it on the road. You can now find RV kitchens with residential refrigerators, ovens, pantries, and plenty of workable counter space. Whether you want to cook a Thanksgiving day dinner or just bake a batch of cookies to enjoy by the fire, you can do it. And, you can also find plenty of RVs with outdoor kitchens that allow you to enjoy cooking and the outdoors together.


Technology options

You’ve probably heard about “smart homes”, well the RV industry is following in suit. You will continue to see more manufacturers adding in smart features including apps that allow you to access the command system display panels. There are also more features coming out now like in-floor heat and AC units mounted under your RV instead of on top. If you want to see these options in person, check out our Class A motorhomes.

A shift towards vans and smaller motorhomes

This is a trend that’s been growing stronger over the last few years. People are falling in love with the option of campervans, Class B, and the smaller Class C motorhomes. Manufacturers have found ways to provide people with the essentials that they are looking for in these smaller RVs. And, with creating multiple layout options, each individual, couple, or family is able to choose what they need. These smaller RVs are easier to drive and aren’t as intimidating for those that are just starting out in their RVing adventures.

Enjoying outdoor living spaces

Having an RV doesn’t mean you don’t want to spend time outdoors, it just means you want to have some of the comforts and luxuries of home while you do so. The RV world has started to provide RVers with an outdoor experience they’ll love when hanging out at a campground or around the RV for the day.

Larger RVs may include full outdoor kitchens along with an entertainment system including TV and speakers. Fifth wheels and travel trailers are also providing a great outdoor experience for people with outdoor patio areas.

RVs for off-roading

If staying on the beaten path isn’t your idea of a good time, RV brands are coming out with motorhomes and campers just for you. They are designing off-road RVs that will have tires for rugged terrain, more compact structure, and features to help you stay safe while finding new terrain. You can also find options that will include racks on the roof or sides to mount all your gear like surfboards and mountain bikes.

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