7 Travel Trailer Hacks That Will Change Your Life

While these tips may not actually change your life, they can make the time you spend in your travel trailer more enjoyable. And, who doesn’t want to enjoy each moment they have on the road? Check out these 7 tips.


1. Create a Drop Zone

You know when you walk in the door and you have keys, sunglasses, and your dog leash? An RV doesn’t have enough room inside to start making piles of “stuff”. Instead, Gina over at Shabby Creek Cottage has a tutorial on how to make an easy DIY drop zone. Hang this near your door and you will know right where everything is when you need it.


2. Use a baking stone in your oven

Many RV stoves tend to cook unevenly. This makes it difficult to cook, and since you don’t have an endless amount of food in your RV you don’t want to waste any. If you place a baking stone (pizza stone) in your oven it will heat up and help disperse the heat evenly throughout the oven thus cooking your food evenly.

3. Organize your cords and hoses

Stop dealing with a tangled mess of cords and hoses. Buy a few hose reels to keep in your compartments. Then, when you need an extension cord of hose it will be fast and easy to find and use.


4. Add brackets to your outside storage

Make full use of the space in your outside storage until by adding hooks to hang the tools that you need to bring with you. By filling the entire space with hooks you can move some of your supplies onto the wall opening up additional space in the compartment for other items.

5. Easy hanging storage solution

Do you fee like you could use some extra storage in the bathroom of your travel trailer? You can repurpose a hanging shoe organizer into extra storage for your toiletries. It can easily hang on the outside of your shower curtain. You will have easy access to all of your supplies without needing a cupboard or drawer to put them in. You could dedicate one section to each member of the family so everyone can keep their items organized.


6. Hide the toothbrushes

Toothbrush storage can be tricky in any bathroom, even if it’s not in a travel trailer. That’s how Steph at Crafting in the Rain came up with this idea on how to store her children’s toothbrushes. This hack allows you to create toothbrush storage that can go on the wall or back of a cabinet door and all you need is some PVC and Command hooks. After that you can decorate them as fancy as you want, or leave them like they are.


7. Hide your wastebasket

Wastebaskets are unsightly, there is no way around that. And, you hate to take up valuable space with a trash bin in your travel trailer. Buy wastebaskets that hang on the inside of your cabinet doors. You can use them in your bathroom and kitchen. The bins are small, but you don’t want to let a lot of garbage collect inside anyway with limited space. This keeps a basket off the ground and doesn’t take up the entire space under your cabinet.


Another way to make your time in your RV easier is to make sure you buy the right one from the start. There are many choices and options when it comes to RVs. Sky River RV has travel trailers for sale and professionals waiting to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

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