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7 Tips to Keep Your RV Travel as Green as Possible


Are you ready to head out on the road in your RV but feel just a little guilty that you might not be traveling in the “greenest” way? It might reassure you to know that traveling in your RV is much better for the environment than heading off to a hotel. These buildings full of guests are using electricity and water all day and night and are tossing out food that goes uneaten after each continental breakfast. And, to top it off, there are some additional ways that you can make your RV travel greener.


1. Think about what size RV you actually need

It can be tempting to go for the largest size RV that you can find, but if green travel is on your mind you might want to think twice. Bigger isn’t always better depending on what you’re looking for. While the extra space might seem nice, think about what you really need as you travel. The less your RV weighs the less fuel you’re going to burn to get it where it needs to go.

2. Remember you don’t have to travel far

Just because your RV is great for traveling across the country, doesn’t mean that you have to do it. When you stay closer to home you burn less fuel. Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to stay parked in your driveway. Most people find that there are actually a lot of amazing destinations closer than they even realized. When we think of adventure, we tend to think about venturing out far away which means we have lots of undiscovered destinations right in our own states. For some great destinations in California check out these articles:

3. Upgrade your RV

Manufacturers have been making a lot of progress and updates in helping to improve how green RV travel is. While you might be pretty proud that you’ve managed to keep your decades-old RV in such great condition if you want to be more green a new RV is the way to go. If you want to talk to an RV expert on your options for upgrading give us a call.

4. Give boondocking a try

There are a lot of advantages to boondocking when it comes to traveling green and setting out on an adventure. Without the need to hook up at a campground you can go off-grid and stay in places many other travelers won’t get to. And, it will force you to conserve on your supplies like water, because you only have access to what you brought with you. In order to make the largest difference though you also need to make sure you are constantly running your generator. Try boondocking at a destination where the climate is mild and you don’t need to worry about being too hot or too cold.

5. Travel together

Try to take the fewest amount of RVs possible if you’re traveling with a group. RVing is fun when you share it with others, but the more separate vehicles you take the worse it is for the environment. Look for ways to travel together and share space so you can reduce the number of RVs that you need to put on the road for your trip.

6. Fill your tank up once you arrive

Waiting to fill your water tank up until you are at your destination or close to your destination means you reduce your weight while you travel. The lighter your RV the less fuel you are using when you travel. Water is one of the heaviest things to bring with you. Even if you are boondocking you can take advantage of this by waiting until you are closer to your end destination to fill up.

7. Think twice about what you pack

It’s incredibly easy to overpack when you head out on the road. Make a list of what items you actually need to bring with you. Most of the time you can cross some items off your list. Even when we think we aren’t overpacking we still end up with things we don’t use at all while we’re gone. The lighter your load the greener you will be.

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