5 Ways to Make Your Campsite Feel Like Home

interior-791650_1920When you own an RV you are able to bring some of the comforts of home along with you. Instead of sleeping in a tent on the ground you have the comfort of a mattress and blankets. You can cook in a kitchen and use a private bathroom. But, what about when you step out the door? Whether you are a full-time RVer or just an occasional traveler, it’s nice to feel like you are at home. Here are 5 tips to help you turn your campsite into a home:

1. Dress Up the Table

The majority of campgrounds include a wooden picnic table at every campsite. It is convenient to have access to, but they are not always in the best condition. Most of them have gone through years of abuse from other campers and being exposed to the elements. Not to mention, sitting on a wooden bench is not how the majority of us would prefer to spend out time outside. An RV gives you the option of eating indoors, but if you want to enjoy the outdoors while RV’ing you want to think about your table before you hit the road.

Start by confirming that the campground has a table on-site. If it doesn’t, or if you will not be camping in a campground, bring along a portable table. There are many options that are lightweight and easy to store away, taking up little room. Even if you have a picnic table at the site it can be nice to bring along an extra table to use on the side.

Next, bring along a vinyl tablecloth and bench covers. If you are bringing along a standard tablecloth don’t forget the fasteners. No one likes to have the tablecloth trying to blow away while they are eating. If you don’t want to worry about fasteners, there are fitted tablecloths and bench covers that will fit the standard 6 ft. table. There are also cushioned bench covers to make sitting at the table more comfortable. Shop around to find a design that fits your style.

2. A Rug (or a Few Rugs)

Stepping outside onto the dirt does not make most people feel like they are right at home, even those of us that love camping. If you want to transform your outdoor space purchase a few Campground Rugs. These rugs are designed especially for outdoor use. They do not hold water when it rains, like regular indoor rugs, and they have an open weave that allows sunlight to pass through the rug. They are easy to clean and easy to store, both of which are important when you are RVing.

Rugs at your campsite are good for a few reasons:

  • Keeps dirt out of your RV, which makes cleaning easier as you camp.
  • Creates a “homey” feel. Choose a design that you would want to use in your home. It creates that perfect little touch that makes you feel more comfortable.

Use a separate rug at the door to keep mud and dirt out and a more decorative rug to dress up your campsite. Remember to purchase a rug that has grommets in the corners so you can use stakes to hold down the rug.

3. Comfortable Chairs

Throughout the summer months, you can find cheap camp chairs at just about any store you go to. These are great options for people that rarely camp, or just need their chair, to use beside a campfire on an occasional weekend. But, when you own an RV it’s worth investing into comfortable chairs to have outside of your RV.

Everyone finds a different style of chair comfortable, so choose what you like the best. There are chairs that recline and others that rock. Don’t forget about chairs to fit the kids as well. You can even purchase camping high chairs to keep your little one safe while eating and sitting at the campsite.

lights-1088141_19204. Adequate Lighting

When you are camping for more than a night or two you want to ensure you have great outdoor lighting to enjoy your evening in outdoors. You will want more than one simple lantern at the center of the table. Lighting strands have become popular with RVers. Not only do they help provide light, but you can purchase different shapes and styles to add to the decor of your campsite.

You can even string up some lights over your picnic table to create a romantic table setting, or even just to provide more light than a simple lantern would.

Solar lights are another great option to use outdoors. There are many solar lights that you can simply push into the ground creating a nice border around your “yard”. This makes your site easy to identify at night, and easy to walk around with tripping over things.

5. Small Touches

Once you have the large items covered you want to look for all the little ways to make yourself feel at home. Here are some options on what to use:

  • Personalized welcome sign – There are many signs you can purchase that are personalized with your name or monogrammed. Think about what you would use at home and find a way to transform it into something you can use at the campsite.
  • Holiday decorations – If you are going to be camping during a holiday don’t forget your holiday decor. Many campgrounds will even hold contests for decorated campsites for holidays like Halloween and Christmas.
  • Bring a few stepping stones to create an entrance to your site. You can paint these with stencils and glow in the dark paint before you hit the road to help create an easy walking path at night.
  • Outdoor decor – There are many options you can use for decorations around your campsite. Look for items that can withstand the elements, such as heat and rain, and then go crazy. Don’t be afraid to move things around until you find the layout that makes you feel the most at home.
  • Have a place to keep a few pillows or blankets outside. They can keep you warm on a chilly night, make you more comfortable, and give a cozy look.

Owning an RV already provides you with an advantage over tent campers to make you feel right at home. But, if you really want to take it to the next level, use these tips to create an outdoor space that you cannot get enough of.

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