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5 Cleaning Tips for RVs

Summer is almost here, and it’s time for camping! Here are 5 cleaning tips for RVs that will help keep the RV in tip top shape.

1. Vacuum/sweep and maybe mop after your camping trip or getting the RV out of storage after a few months. Cleaning after trips and long term storage will make pre-camping trip prep much quicker and easier.

2. Use gentle cleaners on your sinks and toilets. Most long term RVers swear by using vinegar and baking soda. These common household ingredients are easy on your tanks, and will help keep them in tip top shape. 

3. Use a tank treatment product regularly, like Walex Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester, to keep your tanks from getting too smelly and reducing buildup.

4. Use a Squeegee wiper in the shower to help get condensation off the walls and down the drain. Moisture in an RV can really ruin things! Also, dehumidifiers are great at keeping the overall humidity down in your RV. DampRid in the closets and cabinets is another great no brainer for keeping moisture down in those enclosed spaces.

5. Clean the windshield. While most of these tips have been focused on the inside, but don’t forget to give the outside some love too! Cleaning the entire exterior might not be necessary every camping trip, but giving the windshield a good wash can greatly improve your drive to and from the campsite. Even if the RV doesn’t have a windshield, like the 2016 Adventure Tiger Moth trailer giving the outside a good once over to make sure there’s no major scratches, dings, or tears in the roof regularly can help make the RV last.

These 5 cleaning tips for RVs will help to quickly get your RV in tip top shape and help you enjoy all the wonderful camping experiences out there! For larger once a year type cleaning advice, check out

Happy camping!

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