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4 Reasons to Purchase a Toy Hauler

Hitting the road in your RV doesn’t mean you have to leave your toys at home. Toy Haulers make it possible to have a comfortable and convenient place to stay while also being able to bring along the toys and equipment that you need or enjoy. Here are some reasons to consider buying a toy hauler and what you should think about when you do.

Reasons to buy a toy hauler

1. You enjoy active vacations

If you enjoy hobbies like fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, dirt biking, and similar when on vacation, why not bring your equipment with you? This isn’t an easy feat if you are already driving a motorhome and towing a vehicle or driving your vehicle and towing an RV. You run out of options for bringing your larger toys along with you.

But, with a toy hauler, you have a section of your RV that is made just for this purpose. That means you can tow your RV and inside your RV are all the fun things that you want to bring with you. It makes it so you don’t have to sacrifice doing the activities that you really want to do when you hit the road.

2. You like to spend time in your garage at home

While many people think of the space in a toy hauler being used to store thinks like an ATV, bikes, or other large equipment, it’s a versatile space. For example, if you enjoy woodworking, you can bring your tools along with you. Your toy hauler provides you with a garage. You get to choose how you want to use it whether it’s for storing your toys, building, or just having a place to go putter around when you’re spending long periods of time on the road. The choice is yours.

3. They provide a flexible space

Most toy haulers provide you with options on how to use your garage/storage space. Many come with fold-down couches or a table and chairs that you can use in the space if you don’t have any large equipment in it. This means it can be an extra living space or sometimes even an extra sleeping space. Toy haulers provide you with the extra space that you can use in the way that you need the most.

4. Many options have a party deck

A lot of toy haulers have the option of turning the ramp into a party deck. It creates a whole new space for you and your family to enjoy while you have camp set up. If you enjoy outdoor living areas at your own house then this is an option that you are going to enjoy especially if you have set up camp somewhere that doesn’t provide you with a nice space of your own for things like eating outdoors or sitting out to enjoy the weather.


What to consider when purchasing a toy hauler

When purchasing a toy hauler, it’s important to think about how you want to use it. As mentioned above, not all models include a party deck or fold-down seating in the garage. Take time to think about what options you want to have. If you know that you have a lot of equipment that you want to bring with you then you might not care as much about using the space for anything else. Or, if you enjoy mudding or other activities that cause you to track a mess in, you probably want to find a toy hauler that has bathroom access from the garage/storage space.

Once you know how you want to use the area, you need to consider the other options that are normal for RVs. What needs do you have for the living portion of your RV? Do you need a full kitchen? Or, do you have a larger family and need a place for everyone to sleep? Make sure you don’t get so caught up in the excitement of the garage portion that you forget to really consider the rest of the RV. Properly weigh both options to make sure you end up with the right toy hauler.



Toy haulers to check out

Here are a few examples of the types of options that you can find in a toy hauler.

Jayco Octane

If you are more concerned about the garage space and the ability to bring along your toys and aren’t as worried about having luxury features in your RV, the Jayco Octane is a great option.

But don’t think that just because the focus of this RV is on the storage space in the back you won’t have the things you need. The RV provides a full bathroom and kitchen including a two-burner cooktop and a double sink. And, once you set up camp and take the toys out of the back there are couches and a bed that you can use in the space. You can see them stored above the space in the image above. They actually lower automatically to make it easy for you to switch between the two.

If your goal is to get out and enjoy the area around you instead of spending a lot of time in the RV, this is a great option for you. And, it still has everything you need if you get caught in the rain or want a comfy place to clean up and rest after a fun day.


Jayco Seismic

The Jayco Seismic is the best of both worlds if you’re looking for a toy hauler that also lets you bring the comfort of home along with you.

There are two slides that provide you with additional space in the RV. You can sleep 8-10 people in this toy hauler. The living space features a fireplace and entertainment center and a beautiful kitchen. You also have a full bathroom and two entries into the RV allowing you to enter the garage/storage area directly.

The area in back is large enough to bring all your toys along with you and you can set it up with a party deck. This is a toy hauler that you will enjoy inside and out.

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