3 RV Kitchens that Change How You Cook on the Road

RVs have drastically changed what eating on the road means! Gone are the days of needing to hit the drive-thru as you work towards your end destination. And, campground food no longer has to be hotdogs. It doesn’t even have to be cooked over a fire.
While RV kitchens aren’t new, what they provide continues to expand and improve. Now, whether you want to whip up an incredible menu for your tailgate, or have a Thanksgiving dinner that reminds you of home, you can.
Below are 3 RV kitchens that are going to help you transform the way you cook, and eat, on the road.

1. The luxury modern kitchen

Do you love to cook? While RVs have provided you with an opportunity to cook while on the road for decades, they continue to offer more and more. A luxury kitchen is no longer something you can only have in a house.

RVs like the Class A Winnebago Horizon provide you with everything you need in the kitchen. It includes things like a two-burner stove-top, full-size refrigerator, a double-sided sink, microwave/convection oven, and pantry cabinet. Plus there are sink covers that allow you to expand the amount of usable countertop that you have. Plus, this model includes a dishwasher because who wants to have to stay in the RV and do dishes when you’re out on the road.

Not only does this kitchen make preparing meals easier, but it also has a beautiful modern design.


2. The outdoor kitchen

Maybe you don’t want to be inside cooking in a luxury kitchen when you’re camping or on the road. If you love traveling in your RV because it allows you to spend more time in the great outdoors, you’ll probably be happiest with an RV like the Jayco White Hawk. It’s a lightweight travel trailer that gives you all the comforts of home inside and allows you to enjoy doing your cooking outside as well.

The exterior kitchen includes a mini-fridge, cooktop, and a sink. You can enjoy spending time outdoors, taking in the beautiful scenery or visiting with your campsite neighbors while cooking. It also makes for a great addition to your tailgate party.


3. The everything-you-need-kitchen

Maybe you don’t care for a modern design in your kitchen and you want to be able to cook just like you were back at home. Thanks to kitchens like that in the Keystone Montana, you can do just that. The sink is on the kitchen island and comes with covers to provide you with additional room for food prep. It also features a residential-sized refrigerator, microwave, and a Furrion RV Chef Collection cooktop and oven.
The layout allows you to enjoy talking and spending time with those in your RV while being able to cook and no one getting in each other’s way.

Finding your RV kitchen

If you’re ready to take your cooking options up a notch while on the road, give our Sky River RV team a call to discuss your options and get into the right RV for you.

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