13 Camping Hacks Every RVer Should Know

Are you new to RV travel and ready to kick off the camping season? Or, are you looking to make the move to becoming a full time RVer? No matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, these camping hacks are sure to make your RV travel easier and even more enjoyable. Most of these work in all RVs from small ultralight travel trailers to the largest of Class A Motorhomes.

Camping Hacks to use in the Kitchen

RV camping hacks

1.  Easy Way to Make Eggs – Use an empty water bottle to store eggs. You can crack the eggs into the bottle before you leave home to avoid bringing eggs and whisk along for the trip. Or, you can crack your eggs into the water bottle, shake it up, and pour it into the skillet to avoid dirtying up a bowl.

2.  Tic Tac Boxes Make Great Storage Containers – Save room in your RV kitchen by cleaning out old tic tac containers and peeling off the labels. You can relabel them and use them to store your seasonings.

3.  Use a Baking Stone – Baking in the oven of your RV can be drastically different than baking in a full size oven at home. To help control the heat within the oven leave a baking stone in the oven (measure carefully to find a good fit). The stone helps to absorb the heat and remove the “hot spot” that RV ovens are famous for.

4.  Protect Your Wine Glasses– Put your wine glasses in koozies so when they knock against each other they will not break. You can also place your wine bottles in mesh bags that will keep them from breaking against each other.\

Other Inside Camping Hacks

5.  Keep Your Toiletries in Place – Install a towel rod inside of your shower where you keep your bath products. You can put your products behind the rod and it will keep them from sliding around. This is a time saver so you don’t have to put everything away before you pull out.

6.  Use a Dry Erase Boards – Keep a dry erase board on the back of a kitchen cabinet door. You can use it to keep track of the campground Wi-Fi password, along with the address and coordinates of your location. You don’t want to waste precious time trying to find exactly where you are located in an emergency situation.

7.  Let There be Light – You can purchase battery operated motion sensor lights that stick to the wall or ceiling with adhesive strips. You can use these in dark spots like closets or cabinets to help you find what you are looking for, without needing access to a power supply.

8.  Bedding Storage – Some pull out beds in RVs have enough room underneath that you can store the bedding right under the bed.

9.  Use Plastic Storage Bins – Expand your storage capabilities in your closet by adding in plastic storage bins. They allow you to add more compartments and shelves without doing any additional work, and it’s easy to change if you need to adjust your storage options.


Camping Hacks to Use Outside the RV

camp10.  Keep the Bugs Away – Essential oils are making their appearance everywhere nowadays, camping included. If you are looking to keep flies and mosquitoes away while you are outdoors, you don’t have to use chemical sprays. Check out this camping hack here, on how to use essential oils and vodka to keep the bugs at bay.

11.  Pool Noodles for Safety – You can use pool noodles to protect yourself and others from bumping their heads. Slice down the length of the pool noodle and then wrap it around awning poles and any other poles that leave the potential for injury.

12.  Buy Some Flea Collars – Wasps like to hide and build nests within the exterior compartments of RVs. However, wasps do not like flea collars. Purchase a few flea collars, cut them in half, and leave them in the outer compartments.

13.  Tape Your Steps – If you have steps leading out of your RV door, line the edges of each step with glow in the dark tape. This can be a life saver when you are going up and down the stairs at night.

Use these simple RV camping hacks on your next trips. The more you camp the more hacks you will learn to share with others. If you are ready to upgrade your RV to solve some of your storage options, talk to an RV expert at Sky River RV today.


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